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|ooooooo:. .:=oooo=o|
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|ooooo~ .~:+==++::. .oooo|
|ooooo .::++=+=+++++. ~ooo|
|ooooo :++==+=++=+++~ :ooo|
|ooooo= ~~::+:+:::~~~. ~ooo|
|ooooo+ . ::. ~ +ooo|
|oooooo+~+~.~~=+:~~.~~:~ ~oooo|
|ooooooo+:++::++:++++++~ ~ooooo|
|oooooooo.~.. . .. .. :oooo=oo|
|oooooo=o: .oo=oo=o=|
|ooooooo=~ .... .:+oooooo|
|ooo=o:.. . ~=o=o=|


  • dog is a command line application that executes tasks
  • dogbot is a slack bot that runs tasks using Dog
  • be is a Bitcoin Blockchain explorer for the terminal
  • bitcoin module is an Ansible module for automating Bitcoin transactions
  • graffiti sends ASCII-art texts to web server logs by causing consecutive 404s
  • typeform-go is a Go library for Typeform APIs
  • vimstant is a good enough .vimrc file in your $HOME
  • lock avoids simultaneous executions of a shell script
  • s3tatic creates and configures S3 buckets for static web hosting